Las Cuevas del Sandó
— Tiger Magazine
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The Spanish Inquisition, one of his hideouts, and now, five centuries later, a unique cocktail and gin temple. ‘Las Cuevas del Sandó’ are hiding in the center of Madrid, only a few meters from the Gran Via, in the bowels of the famous Hotel Mercure Santo Domingo, and become the new and perfect place to enjoy an afterwork from the beginning of the evening or the first drink of the night with distilled premium gins and vodkas.
Six spaces of different sizes in which the original brick of those ancient times is still standing but combined with a modern etched glass floor through which you can see and follow the paths of light and colors drawn by the fiber installed under the same: an entire session of color therapy and mysticism that runs from the hand of Jean Pierre and Jose Duque -shakers by vocation an designers in their professions- who are in charge of telling you all the secrets and stories that ‘Las Cuevas del Sandó’ holds as week as recommend the perfect drink for each client among which are the amazing creations like the ‘Mojito de Flores’ -made with edible flowers and violet liquor – or the ‘Oro Negro’ –with black vodka, mint and lemon-.
With capacity from four to twenty people their rooms can receive a total of 80 people so ‘Las Cuevas del Sandó’ can also be rented for events such as for private parties. The right place where past and present shake hands, Plaza de Santo Domingo, 13 Madrid.

Emilio M. Pardo